09 May 2014

HS all

And so the most geeky three months of my life have finished. It feels sad but let’s not be too sentimental. We danced long enough to mark the end of it properly (long enough being all night or until 6am sharp to be precise). It was super awesome and we beat the previous batch’s record which I heard was 5am. And even if I am not supposed to show my weakness, I’ll confess that my legs hurt for three days after that. However, I guess I am not the only one like that :)

HS last

Now I am back in Zurich which seems very spacious and green after the New York buildings and crowds. I have started writing down the plans for the future but for now I will briefly mention the things that I did at Hacker School. Hopefully (no promise), I will explain some of the projects in more detail some day.



  • Read a lot about networking, concurrency
  • Tried out Wireshark
  • Continued writing my chat app
  • Implemented a one-day tetris in Javascript with Patrick
  • Did some tasks during Job Fridays: Github repo
  • Flew back to Italy to defend my MSc thesis


  • Started (and never finished) a multiplayer Pacman game in Scala for backend and Javascript for frontend using Akka actor model and Socko web server: Github repo
  • Implemented logic for a Lithuanian/Russian card game Stupid (or Fool) in Scala: Github repo
  • Almost finished Stanford Machine Learning course on Coursera. Cought up in 10 days so could’t finish it at HS
  • Learned a bit of Octave
  • Started Stanford Algorithms course on Coursera
  • Attended a bunch of seminars at the end:
    • Continuous Integration with Travis
    • Javascript Frameworks
    • Bayesian Computation

If talking about the overall reflections about Hacker School, from my point of view it is the best atmosphere for learning that can possibly be created with a bunch of super interesting people having wonderful ideas. At this point, what I regret most is the people that I haven’t the opportunity (or feared) to talk to, the questions that I haven’t asked, the comments that I didn’t make and only then the code that I didn’t write. I remember somebody saying that the social fobias were one of the things that he/she has left at HS. I wish it was the case for me, but oh well, partly it is, I guess.

Never graduate!

(Thanks @maja_zf for pictures)

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